Prostate cancer. High cholesterol. Blood pressure issues. Colon cancer. In the past these might have been considered concerns for the older male population alone. But new studies, and new screening techniques are highlighting the need for men to check in regularly with their physician to maintain good health.

“Previously, age 50 was sort of the magic number to come in

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Lafayette, La (KADN)– The month of June is Men’s Health Month. The two leading causes of death for men in the U.S. is cancer and heart disease, but preventative care can help. 

Raising awareness regarding the need for men to have healthy lifestyles is critical to their well-being. One phlebotomist says one trip for a screening and regular health

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It probably comes as no surprise that there are notable differences in the health of men compared to women. But when you take a closer look at the statistics outlining this health disparity, it can be quite alarming. For example, the average life span for men is about five years less than women, and there’s been a gradual increase in

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June is Men’s Health Month! According to recent studies, only 40% of
men seek treatment when they worry something is wrong with their health.
And while good health habits can feel daunting at first, all men can benefit
from focusing on these three key areas of wellness:


According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 450,000

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(Photo supplied by Al Lira)

Burbank resident Al Lira put on his ‘Sunday’s Best’ for a local classic motorcycle ride on May 22, 2022, for a very important cause to him, the fight against Prostate Cancer and Suicide.

Al Lira and the Royal Enfield Classic 500 vintage motorcycle he rode in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (Photo supplied by Al Lira)
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